Jane Harris’s first two historical novels showcased the voices of unsung, socially disadvantaged characters: a young Irish immigrant in The Observations, an elderly Victorian spinster in Gillespie and I.

In her third novel, Sugar Money, based on a true story, Harris takes us to 1765 and the voice of Lucien, a “mulatto” slave who is “thirteen or fourteen or thereabouts”, and has been brought over to Martinique from his native Grenada.

Sugar Money has recently been shortlisted for the prestigious Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction and the Wilbur Smith prize for adventure fiction.

Harris has been described by the Guardian as “an empathetic and intelligent writer, with an instinct for the delicate alchemy that produces page-turners.”

She will be discussing her work with Financial Times Journalist Emma Boyde and will read excerpts from all three of her novels.

Join Jane in conversation with Financial Times journalist Emma Boyde.