Long Story Shortish

I was born in London and brought up in Staffordshire. My dad was a doctor, my mum was a very glamorous charity fund raiser, town councillor, cook, gardener and hostess. She did yoga.

I have three older siblings, two brothers and a sister.

I read History of Art at the University of St Andrews. I chose the university because my mum and her mother’s family are from Fife.

I was a ferocious punk rocker and worked at an advertising agency in my gap year. I started my own punk fanzine and interviewed Paul Weller, Bob Geldof, Billy Idol and many others.

I’ve worked on the staff of nine magazines, editing four of them, and two newspapers.

For the last twelve years I’ve worked at home as a novelist, journalist and columnist. I talk to myself a lot.

I lived in Sydney for eight glorious years (I only went for two weeks…). I have joint British and Australian citizenship.

I now live in Hastings (known as ‘Shoreditch-on-Sea’) on England’s south coast. I am married to a retired professional footballer who I met in Sydney. He’s from Belgrade, Serbia.

We have one daughter, who is now twelve and a cat called Gonzo who is a piece of work.