Workshop 2: Songwriting with Anna Page, The Garage at Horse and Groom, St Leonards

Discover the magic of putting words to music. Fully booked

This is a workshop for songwriters and aspiring songwriters of all abilities to help inspire song titles and lyrics and put them to music. Participants may work alone or collaborate with the aim of creating an original song, or at least a chorus and verse which can later be developed into a whole song.

We’ll start by looking at some hit songs and their structure, attitude, use of rhyme, assonance, alliteration, imagery, plot and universal emotion and then carry out some related songwriting exercises. We’ll also discuss strategies for overcoming blocks. Pen and paper or notebooks may be brought along or can be supplied, and any instruments you play are welcome.

There will also be some basic instruments provided (e.g. child’s toy xylophone) to help with melody creation for those who don’t already play an instrument, and also to encourage an element of playfulness. There will be an opportunity towards the end of the session to perform or read out your ideas to the group and receive feedback.

Workshop fee: £25

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