Workshop 1: Researching for Historical Fiction, Jerwood Gallery Studio

Researching for Historical Fiction with Toni Mount. Add authenticity and find period inspiration for your writing. Fully booked

Course Leader: Toni Mount

Cost: £20 per person (maximum 22 participants)

No experience of writing historical fiction is needed.  Bring writing materials. Workshop fee includes entry to exhibitions at Jerwood Gallery, access to bookshop and cafe.

How close to the facts does your story need to be?  Sources can depend on genre. Ideas taken from fact, such as crimes from court and coroners’ rolls.  Look at language and fashions – not just clothing, but food, occupations and mode of travel. Can you go too far with language? Looking at social history and getting your reader to engage all their senses:  falling in love, worries about the family, feeling hungry, tired and angry – inventing a character suitable for your historical period with an outstanding trait or characteristic.  Writing a short piece of fiction (c.100 words).

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