Workshop 4: Creativity, Archers Lodge

Workshop 4 in Creativity, run by Explore the Arch.Do you know that game where whispered words ripple through a group? They morph in delightful and unexpected ways. Experience the evolution of words over a day in three ExploreTheArch workshops on creativity 

Ticket £10 plus booking fee available from,

Do you know that game where whispered words ripple through a group? They morph in delightful and unexpected ways. Experience the evolution of words over a day in three ExploreTheArch workshops on creativity in Hastings Litfest

Word Harvest

Sat 1st Sept, 10.00-12.30. tickets £10 +booking fee.

Fresh from directing Pericles for Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, ExploreTheArch’s associate director, David Rowan, shares his journey this summer with the words Shakespeare gifted to his odyssey play. Together with workshop participants, he will a language of journeying and exploration. And employ some of ExploreTheArch’s creative processes to investigate and play with those words. And the group will gift a collection of words to the next workshop.

Note: it is not necessary to read Pericles prior to the workshop although anyone who dips into the text will find their exploration useful.

David Rowan is associate director of ExploreTheArch, his role being a ‘guardian of words’. He addresses how the company’s relationship with language is evolving in their creative process in each unique project and mentors the team through critical decision making points in the rehearsal process to realise the potential of their chosen words.

Word Play with young musicians

Sat 1st Sept, 12.30-2.00. tickets £1 +booking fee.

A session for 14-19 year olds led by the young musicians who rehearse and explore regularly at ExploreTheArch’s base, Archer Lodge. Bring your musical instrument or, if you don’t play one, pick up an object from the company’s array of experimental musical instruments on site to explore the words gifted by the morning workshop participants. To explore in sound, music and rhythm. The last twenty minutes will comprise a sharing of the evolving work and a handing over of the words, which may have morphed, to the afternoon workshop participants.

Smoking Biscuits is a group of eight musicians who rehearse regularly at Archer Lodge, evolving instrumental compositions. They are connected to ExploreTheArch’s performance projects in various ways. The group busk in St Leonards to trial their creative choices in a variety of outdoor environments.  They are seeking to expand their remit to incorporate words and language into their work and to work with other young people.

Word Evolutions

Sat 1st Sept, 14.30-17.00. Tickets £10 +booking fee.

Join ExploreTheArch practitioners to honour words offered by the previous group as a multi disciplinary team. Theatre maker and puppeteer, Gail Borrow, and composer and musician, Vladimir Miller, will share their processes of exploring words, inquiring into the pairing of language with traditional, alternative and deconstructed instruments in different acoustic and visual environments at Archer Lodge. The practitioners will muse on their backgrounds of Russian folk music and Asian puppetry traditions and how their experiences have informed their creative choices. And might inform the creative choices you are wanting to make.

Gail Borrow and Vladimir Miller are two core members of ExploreTheArch, a multidisciplinary collective creating vivid experiential, site specific theatre. They created ‘houses’ that audience members step into and own in whatever way they wish for the evening.

Tickets Limited places on all our workshops for an intimate, informal experience tailored to your interests.  Please book early. (link available shortly)

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Refreshments available.

Venue: Archers Lodge
34 Charles Road
St Leonards on Sea
TN38 0QH