The Psychology of a Dictator

Friday 30 August

Venue: White Rock Hotel

15.00 to 16.00

Single tickets £7.50, or £15.00 for all three 20th Century History talks.

Dr David Lewis re-examines the early life of Adolf Hitler and his path to power.

£15 for one ticket for the talks by David Lewis, Duncan Barrett and Ted Powell, running consecutively at the White Rock Hotel.

David Lewis

University of Sussex based Chartered Psychologist, Dr David Lewis, is the author of more than a dozen books on psychology and an award winning broadcaster. David has been ranked as among the world’s 28 most influential psychologists.

In his latest book, “Triumph of the Will?” he describes how, in November 1918, a gas-blinded Adolf Hitler was transformed from purposeless drifter to ruthless dictator. He shows that hypnosis, administered by German nerve specialist Dr Edmund Forster, while restoring the lance-corporal’s sight, left Hitler convinced he had been chosen by destiny to lead his country to supremacy.

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